Post 3

I’m there again to face you….

Show me your power……

defeat me again…..

but I promise you this…….

I’ll be back with more strength and willingness to succeed….

You can’t define me….

I know who I am….

I’ll make my own identity….

I’ll write my own story….

With my dreams and my passion….

With my hopes and dedication….


Post 2

I can’t let you go but neither I can hold your hand and ask you to stay….

I have parted my paths from you but still these distances hurt….

We never belonged together but why do you always appear as a lost part of me….

I have complete sparkling world of my own but your one smile makes me forget everything other than you….

I don’t know what’s love. I feel I am sick….

I know you are not the one but still why does it hurt so much to hear someone else’s name from you….

We can never walk together anymore then why does this separation hurt….

Yes it’s not you whom I dream of then why are you the one who is always on my mind….

For getting few moment with whom I reach the verge of loosing myself….


Post 1

Come share your story. I’ll be here to listen you….
Don’t shed tears. They are not going to change anything. Power lies in you not in those droplets of water….
People will break promises. They’ll have important priorities than you. You are the one who will have to support you. You are the one who will wipe your own tears….
Yeah world is tough. It’s not easy to find what you are looking for but that’s precious and that matters for you. So these pains are not able to stop you….
They can just distract you for a moment but can’t make you forget your thirst for success. It can’t decrease your desire to succeed….
You may loose the sight of your path or may find yourself lost but your courage and trust on yourself will guide you even in the worst situations….
You can’t allow yourself to loose because you are the writer of your story and it’s against your wish. No weakness no deficiency is able to stop you….
If you want it you’ll get it that one decision means all. Are you ready to achieve it or not????
No verdict no criticism can stop you. You are born to be there and you’ll be….