In Love With Life

Life is a journey which keeps unfolding every moment. It never lets itself get boring. Though it may get frustrating at times. But its always fresh like fresh air. Unpredictable, it always has something new to show you something new to make you experience. That’s why I always believe, god is the best writer. No one can write more interesting stories than him. And yet so versatile. No one else can create magic of dazzling stars in night or soothing rays of sun rise. He creates every moment so perfectly. Whether it be a moment of pain or comfort. The best part is we get to live his stories and experience every stroke of his colours.
He gives us hopes and he gives us limitations. He strengthens us and he weakens us. Life is a magical journey like one of Sindabad’s. You meet angels and you meet devils. And all are created by the same god because both are needed to create the perfect picture of your life with dark and bright shades. A beautiful picture which depicts your story, your journey, your imprints on this world. Which may inspire someone be a better person, to fight a little harder, to believe a little longer. . . .


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