Sitting in the balcony with my coffee mug and staring at the stars… thinking of you…. thinking of me… and why things are as they are… Why am I here out of all the places in this world… thinking of you out of all the people I have ever met…. thinking of destinies… our stories… how people meet and become part of each other’s stories… how when I look back at past, I feel this moment must have appeared so damn impossible at that point…

This life runs so fast… before we could realize what’s actually happening, everything has already happened… before we could understand how forces of nature work in writing our story, we always have a new twist, a new turn, a new surprise….

Sometimes I feel it’s not part of work to think that how things are going to be in the future… because my story has a course of its own… it has to go on it’s own way… I am a mere actor… script is already written… even if I do my best preparation… life will give me something I wont even have thought of…

But still I can’t lay back and just enjoy the scenes… I worry for future… I plan for it… because I am unable to accept that I am not the writer of my story… that I am powerless… I am just a puppet… I try my best to prove that… no, I am the master… things will happen as I choose…

Or may be it’s just a balance between life an me… Life gives me challenges and I face it in my own style… life gives me rocky surfaces to walk on and I dance on my own tune with my own crazy steps… it’s just like a game… life’s turn and then my turn… sometimes life gets hell and sometimes it gets super amazing… but at the end , it’s my best PARTNER…

So, THOUGHTS…. so random… so vague… takes you from where to where… and still I am sitting in my balcony with my coffee mug staring at the stars…..


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