Purpose For Life

I know two different me….

One who wakes up and gets out of her bed running to start working on whatever is on her head. Excited about the work she has in her hand…. who gets happy when she crosses small small hurdles…. stays patient when she is unable to cross a hurdle…. tries again and again with her full enthusiasm and happiness…. feels inner satisfaction after finishing her work….

The other one, who when wakes up feels lazy about getting up… who is lost in different kind of thoughts…. what if this happens…. what if that happens…. gets up slowly… starts her work half heatedly… still lost in thousand of thoughts, she has nothing to do with…. her achievements doesn’t makes much sense for her…. gives up easily when she gets stuck somewhere…. when a work is done, she just feels relieved that finally it’s over…. she keeps finishing tasks over tasks but it never gives her any inner satisfaction… feeling of fulfillment…

The only difference is the work in my hand…. the purpose for which I am running…. how much I enjoy it…. how much I feel related to it…. how much I am into it….

In this world, everyone is running in some or other race…. but does everyone know where they are heading to…. and do they really want to be there…. they are just running because they are scared that they will be left behind if they don’t start running as soon as possible…. shouldn’t we stop for a while, take a deep breath and choose our path depending upon where do we really want to reach…. may be we miss our destination running on someone else’s path and then we realize that we wasted the entire time….

I am not you…you are not me… neither our wishes…. our dreams are same….then how can our destination?? our paths?? our purpose for life…. it’s all about how well we have chosen our purpose for life… have u chosen your PURPOSE wisely????


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