She Loves You….

As valentine’s day is approaching and everyone is busy making their plans… It reminds me of a friend who is all against relationships…
He was like…  You need to reply to each and every message of your girlfriend… Else she is going to kill you… She will get sentimental…  Start crying over small things…  Shout on you if you forget to call her one day…


Isn’t it amazing that someone doesn’t find her day complete without listening to your voice…  Someone loves to share each and every thought of hers with you…  Someone who trusts you,  when your trust over yourself starts shaking… Someone who hugs you tight when you are about to fall into pieces…  Someone who corrects your every fault because you are her hero and she wants you to be the best…  Someone who knows what you need even before you yourself realise it…  Someone who is always there to take care of you when you are busy caring about so many other stuffs…



It’s all about finding the right person who gives you enough reasons to tolerate all the pains and tortures of a relationship… Who looks deep into your eyes and says….  LOVE YOU…. ALWAYS….


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