Why are you never going to get over him…

you are never going to get over him… because he didn’t only exist in your life but also in your heart… and on your mind…

you have not only spent moments with him in reality… but also a lot in your imagination… your dreams… which appeared to be so perfect…

you have not only heard the words he said … but also beyond that… you just continued the chain on conversations beautifully in your head….

you have not just been reading his texts… but also have been reading between the lines…. and those “between the lines” play a crucial role in your story…

He didn’t make any promises… but your hopeless hope is making you wait… the same “hope” which says that we can get rid of poverty… everyone’s basic needs will be fulfilled one day… Do you really want to stick to that “hope” ??

He was 50% of your soulmate… 50% was provided by your own imagination… that’s how he came to be the 100%… May be you missed out the points which didn’t fit in his “Mr. Perfect” image…. because you considered them, not so important… and you added the qualities… which didn’t appear anywhere but you thought they could appear… because you had to make him “The One”…. “The Special One”

You are never getting over him…. because you don’t exactly know who he is…. He is a semi-human…. half reality… even half of half… (because you ignored the qualities of his which were not according to your perfect image)…. and 75% your imagination of your “Mr. Perfect”…..

Trust me his resemblance to your “The One” is just an illusion… created by your own self… Wake yourself UP…. and get “OVER HIM”

P.S. : It may not be right for your situation.

happy girl_1

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