Meeting old friends after long time… Takes you to another time frame… When everything used to be so much different… You used to be so much different… And reminds you of the things, you lost on the way coming here… The dreams, the hopes, the positivity…. Let’s collect them all again…


She didn’t know what to ask for in her prayers… If she asks for his success,  he’ll move away…and if he doesn’t get successful,  he will not be happy…
She closed her eyes… Joined her hands… And prayed…  May all his dreams come true…


Don’t know what to say
or how to move away.
He is standing in front of me
but we have become strangers today.

I remember the day
when he was everything to me.
I knew nothing more than him
and made him my destiny.

But he never belonged to me
we were not even good friends
but whatever relationship we shared
even that has come to an end.

I tried to make everything normal but it didn’t work.
I wept a lot for him but he never cared.
I know, he doesn’t want me back
or remember any moment which we shared.

But i think sometimes,
nothing is better than something.
There is a lot more in this world
a single person can’t be everything.

Everyone says I should move on
even i know that this is right.
It’s his wish whom he choose
but still i cry for him every night.

I Need You….

A broken heart, a tensed mind
these are the things which I have now.
I know i have to forget someone
but I really don’t know how??

I tried many times,
but every time I failed.
As I went farther
my heart more pained.

He is sweet, he is cute
but he is not mine.
My mistake is that I loved him
and now I’ll have to pay the fine.

He stays in my heart,
he is always on my mind
but he loves someone else
and my love for him is blind.

Loving him is a crime
but I m still doing it.
My heart is completely broken
but still love is there in every bit.

I always say I don’t care
but I know I lie.
I try to hide my emotions
and my tears when I cry.

I never thought that
this will happen to me.
I will go completely insane
to get someone’s company.

Missing You….


When i turn around,
I don’t find you anymore.
I know things have changed,
it’s not as it used to be before….

You were just there
in front of my eyes
how come you vanished
without even bidding goodbyes….

The moments we shared
and the paths we took together
when i looked at your smiling face
i never thought it wont last forever….

I don’t know how to deal with it
even if i call, you are too far to hear
but still i m lucky to have your memories
and i m glad that i met you someday somewhere…..



You say yes or you say no,
say a truth or say a lie,
I just wanna hear you,
wanna be with you till I die…

I wanna walk with you,
no matter how the paths be,
wanna share your tears,
just wanna call you me…

You praise me or criticize me,
think once, who am I????
wanna be on your mind for sometime,
wanna be with you till I die…

Wanna see deep in your eyes,
and know who you truly are,
wanna be lost in your world,
and leave this world very far…

It may be hard or it may be easy,
I may be land and you may be sky,
there is only one wish I ask from god,
wanna be with you till I die….