Social Media and Me

Yesterday a girl went for dinner with her friends,  they had amazing time,  got pictures clicked…  Nice…

But how does it influence my life…  Am I going to get benefitted by spending my minutes reading about her post and watching those pictures….

Aaaaaa….  I personally don’t think so….

I have around a thousand of friends on Facebook…  But when I am about to burst in tears or go crazy with happiness, those thousand friends never come to mind… I can only think of few friends(the number is countable on my fingers)… And they are the ones who listen to me and share my pain or joy…

I am not saying social media is bad… It helps us connect to large number of people and interact on a bigger platform… I am just saying,  It’s over hiped and is eating much more of our daily time than it should… Somehow we have forgotten living our lives in real world… And have started living more to impress people on these platforms… Impress may not be the exact word but something related… We stop living the moment and start clicking pictures to put it on some social media site… We have forgotten to stop and feel our surrounding… The feel… The touch… The smell…These are to be lived and not to be captured for showing it to the world…

Remember in school days faculty used to ask..  “Note down notes later… First concentrate and understand”…. We don’t want to understand anything anymore… We are busy taking notes and showing it to the world… Inspite of the fact… The world hardly cares…


2 thoughts on “Social Media and Me

  1. I agree with you – We spend too much time on social media to impress our ‘friends.’ It’s like we are trying to 1-up our friends on social media – who had the most awesome weekend?! But we really do miss the more important things in life – like what is happening now, right in front of us. And it’s also true what you said about only a few friends come to mind when you are upset or want to share your happiness. Why do we feel the need to have all these friends on facebook to convey a semi-false facade of our real selves?

  2. Yes!! I really resonate with this. I particularly liked the part about when you’re about to burst into tears or go crazy with happiness, those 1000 friends never come to mind — that’s so true!! And the “notes” analogy — love it! I notice that especially when I’m in a place that is stunning, like a cathedral or an art gallery or an amazing place in nature — and I’m transfixed and want to stand and stare at it forever, and then, my attention wanders momentarily to the people who walk up, look for 2 seconds, snap a picture, and walk on. Like “been there, done that, got the pic to prove it” is the same as TRULY EXPERIENCING???!!! I find it so sad. And then, I catch myself, and wonder why I am looking at them, instead of the beautiful place…. 🙂

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