Is This Love??

My phone beeps… and I hope it to be him… Is this love??

I had a fight again in office… And I end up calling him… Is this love??

He tells me how he wants his future family with two daughters… I too start dreaming the same dream… Is this love??

He never a puts a DP of his own picture because he thinks, he is not handsome enough… Still I can stare his face all day… Is this love??

He tells me, don’t you think girls are getting prettier day by day… I am unable to say anything because how can he look at someone else when I am sitting in front of him… Is this love??

I am sad.. I am low.. He gives me a hug… And everything becomes beautiful again… Is this love??

I agree on whatever he thinks about life, family etc… He agrees with my opinions… Is this love??

Even on his stupidest jokes… I laugh like a crazy woman… Is this love??

Even in the saddest moments… Thoughts of our moments together make me smile… Is this love??

So, when someone asks me, what’s going on between you two… I still don’t know what to answer… Is this really love ??


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