She didn’t have the prettiest eyes in the world but when they twinkled with excitement, they were the brightest…

Her smile with those irregular teeth was warm and infectious…

Her tanned skin told tales of her passion and her fight with limitations…

Her hair all messed up danced with the tune of wild winds…

No kohl and no colors. Her simplicity, her originality and the fire which she carried within were her priceless ornaments…

She was alive like fire, bringing light to everything that crossed her. Stubborn like a river, creating paths through the mountains…

World’s rules of right and wrong, blurred in her vision. Humanity and freedom were her supreme law.

16 thoughts on “SHE

  1. I love this. I love how people look ‘different’ when you allow yourself to feel affection, or simply can’t help yourself. It’s like even a ‘beautiful’ person can look mundane, and a ‘normal’ person can look transcendent, depending on your own ability to FEEL their beauty, and not simply be ‘looking for it’. 🙂

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