POST 113

Most of the times, winning or losing doesn’t make much difference… It’s only about happiness which we feel after winning… But don’t we be happy any which ways.. So we perform how we really want to do it and not how others will appreciate it… 😉

POST 112

Life is never perfect but it doesn’t mean that you give up saying that it’s not worth the fight. You need to get up and fight instead to make it as close to perfect as you can. Also find reasons to make it worth the fight. 🙂 🙂

POST 109

There are days when positivity turns out to be evil. You think now you’ll get what you wanted but you don’t. But you can’t give up as you are so positive about it. You again believe it will work out and it doesn’t. And you are smashed again.

Sometimes positivity just makes you drag a situation. May be if you would have just accepted that it will never work out. You would have been over it by now.

PS: Life is strange and I am confused.

He and She: 02

He: what do you think is most beautiful thing about relationships??

She: You brighten up my dark days and I brighten up yours. When we both are having bad days, we crib together and laugh out on our problems. Sorted. Nice na 😉