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I was just going through my blog and ended up checking the first blog from where it all began. So thought of sharing with you all. Hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂 🙂 Do share your feedback 🙂

Thought Box

Come share your story. I’ll be here to listen you….
Don’t shed tears. They are not going to change anything. Power lies in you not in those droplets of water….
People will break promises. They’ll have important priorities than you. You are the one who will have to support you. You are the one who will wipe your own tears….
Yeah world is tough. It’s not easy to find what you are looking for but that’s precious and that matters for you. So these pains are not able to stop you….
They can just distract you for a moment but can’t make you forget your thirst for success. It can’t decrease your desire to succeed….
You may loose the sight of your path or may find yourself lost but your courage and trust on yourself will guide you even in the worst situations….
You can’t allow yourself to loose because…

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3 thoughts on “Post 1

  1. Your posts and tagline remind me of a few that I wrote where I’m trying to get out my feelings and recognize myself. See Boxes, D-Day, and Little Girl. Thank you for your inspirations!

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