In the world where everyone has so much to say, silence just listens to you. It’s not sad or happy. It’s just how you feel. It colors itself in your color. Feels as you feel inside. Doesn’t asks you so many questions. Just understands you calmly and quietly.

Silence doesn’t judge you. Doesn’t tag you. Lets you be just yourself. Someone who doesn’t forces his opinion on you. Someone who patiently lets you solve your issues on your own.

36 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I am in envy of the tree outside my window, how she sits in silence each day, with peace. Even the birds are taken by her, as they come to her for advice.

  2. Silence births awareness. Awareness precedes Enlightenment. Enlightenment reveals the Divine.
    Then you are a Blessing to Humanity.

  3. Honestly, you are filled with wisdom!! Reading your stuff inspires me, helps me, and also allows me to have a different views on things you’ve said.

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