12 thoughts on “POST 123

    • And as per my understanding I don’t see a connection between education/ knowledge with kindness. An uneducated.. Not much knowledgeable person can be really kind… And someone very well educated might not be… A very common as well as ugly scenario nowadays..

      • Hi Anamika πŸ™‚
        It’s part of our human nature to judge. Without this, we wouldn’t survive. To me, nothing wrong with judging. However, there is a difference between judging and condemning. Therefor I say: “I judge, I do not condemn”.
        Education doesn’t necessarily means study, as in school-wise. Just ask another person, what does he/she means, why he/she does behave in a certain way, etc. That could lead to understanding a person, and could lead to more compassion, kindness.
        Learn about different cultures, different point of views. Judge them, but don’t condemn them. We all judge, we all have a right to our own views. Dis-approve, don’t agree. That’s ok. We can’t control everything, but we sure can do something about ignorance. By studying, by asking a person directly, by show interest in our neighbors with an open mind.
        Kind regards, Patty

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