3rd Dec.’22

It’s been so long that I didn’t write and there is so much I have to share. So much to talk about.

So, before starting. Let me briefly introduce myself. I am someone who love challenge, believe in taking risks. But I don’t make any plan or strategy when I take up those challenges. I get into them and then figure out, how can I get it done. Sometimes, things go smooth. Sometimes not. Sometimes they seem like cakewalk. Sometimes they shake my belief in myself.

Does it happen to you too?? How do you deal with it??

So recently I read “The gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown. I had watched her Ted Talk long back and it was quite inspiring. So, one important concept which this book mentions is “shame and guilt”. It’s like “being wrong and doing wrong”. Doing wrong or committing mistakes is part of our daily life but that doesn’t make us wrong. We do fail at times but that doesn’t make us failure.

Life is just a journey, full of events. Failure and success will be a part of it but we are much more important than these events. Negative vents are like clouds, they may hide our light for sometime but they can’t steal our light. It’s always there like the bright sun.

This was all for this week. Let me know what keeps you motivated to keep taking challenges.


Post 179

Writing after a long time. Clueless what to write but still want to put down something. Lots has changed over the time. My dreams have come true, my prayers have been answered. But now there are new challenges, new worries and new dreams. I have learnt some things in this journey so far but there is a lot more to learn, to do, to explore…

But the main question here is… why did I choose to come here and start writing again ??

Because this blog doesn’t only connect me to you but also me to myself. Sharing whatever thoughts are racing in my head and getting to know what you think about them, brings me to different perspectives. Helps to look at my own thoughts in a different way. 

As I decide to get back to blogging with my reason. Will love to know what motivates you to be here? To write and share with us? 

Is This Love??

My phone beeps… and I hope it to be him… Is this love??

I had a fight again in office… And I end up calling him… Is this love??

He tells me how he wants his future family with two daughters… I too start dreaming the same dream… Is this love??

He never a puts a DP of his own picture because he thinks, he is not handsome enough… Still I can stare his face all day… Is this love??

He tells me, don’t you think girls are getting prettier day by day… I am unable to say anything because how can he look at someone else when I am sitting in front of him… Is this love??

I am sad.. I am low.. He gives me a hug… And everything becomes beautiful again… Is this love??

I agree on whatever he thinks about life, family etc… He agrees with my opinions… Is this love??

Even on his stupidest jokes… I laugh like a crazy woman… Is this love??

Even in the saddest moments… Thoughts of our moments together make me smile… Is this love??

So, when someone asks me, what’s going on between you two… I still don’t know what to answer… Is this really love ??

5 Ingredients For Happiness

“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own action.” Dalai Lama XIV

Most of the times in our lives, we are searching for happiness but it’s not kept anywhere. We need to stop searching and work on creating it. There can be so many ways by which we can do so and bring ourselves closer to happiness. Here, I have chosen just 5 of them to share with you in little detail.

1. Life is in Phases.

2 years or 5 years back, you were a different person, wanted different things from life. Today is different. After 2 years or 5 years, everything will be different again. So whatever thing or person might be bothering you today, might not even mean anything for you tomorrow. Like your 10th mark sheet, now it hardly matters. Your first crush. You have met much better people than him or her. Thank god, it didn’t work out.

What’s very important for you in this phase, might actually not mean anything for you in next.

2. Whatever is happening in your life doesn’t have the power to affect you. It’s your reaction to it that effects you.

When you fail an exam, you don’t become a failure. You just couldn’t clear it because of certain reasons. If someone dumps you, it doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. It just means that you are not what he/she is looking for.

Good times and bad times will keep on coming like seasons but you are distant from it. Your reaction connects you to them.

3. Don’t put conditions to your happiness.

If you don’t get something you wanted but get something else. The other thing can also be equally beautiful but may be in a different way.

If you go to a restaurant and order chocolate shake, instead you are served with mango shake and now you can’t even change it. If you waste your time cribbing about the fact that you wanted chocolate shake and couldn’t get that, you will even spoil the moments in which you could have enjoyed mango shake.

Do make your order but don’t put a condition to it and accept happily whatever you receive. At least give it a chance.

4. No problem is big enough to put your life on hold.

To forget… to smile… to share that greeting… to smell that flower… to meet that friend…

Solving problems is important but it doesn’t mean that you forget to live your life in the process of solving them. May be you’ll be better able to solve your problems with a calmer mind, which can even help you in identifying different options to resolve the issue.

5. Never hesitate to ask for help or to share your problems.

No single person will be able to solve all of your problems or able to help you out always. But there must be someone who will be able to help you out or at least make things appear clearer to you.

We keep thinking that I am going through so much but the moment we share it with someone, then he or she provides us with different perspective to look at the same problem which we had been missing so far.

Hope you’ll find these points useful in your life. Please do share your views and comments. I’ll be eagerly waiting.

Wish you lots of happiness 🙂 🙂 🙂


Let’s wait for the Sunrise…

With the increasing no. of depression cases and news of suicide attempts by young people, it forces us to face the reality… That everything is not as it appears… there are hollow hearts behind those beautiful smiling faces… They are already dying from inside… It’s just one day, they decide to end this story of pain and misery… and are declared dead medically….

I always wanted to write about depression and talk to all those people who are going through it… because I have been one of them… but I have been lucky to come out of it…thanks to support and trust of my friends and family…

I think, I was depressed from the time I know myself and I wanted to commit suicide from the time I realized that I was alive… Although I never did an attempt but had planned that I’ll jump from some high point whenever I’ll have to kill myself when I was 11-12 years old (as I have always loved heights…)

I could have done it and then I would not have been writing this piece… I would not have been sharing my experience with you… I would not have been telling you to wait, there is light on the other side of the tunnel… there is morning after every dark night… just wait a little longer… and you don’t know what life has in store for you…

I was depressed because I felt that I was the biggest problem for my family… If I would not have existed… may be everything would have been perfect… and may be it really would have been… but isn’t committing suicide just another name for giving up…

I could have given up and everyone would have forgotten me after some time… but now I feel that it’s better that I exist today… to give my family all the love and care, they have given me… to stand by them when they need someone…

It’s not just about that miserable phase… because when everything is gone tomorrow is still left… in that phase, all of us feel like the biggest looser… But that’s just a phase…If today is not our day…Tomorrow may be… but only if we wait till that tomorrow…

At times, it’s just a war between those who believe in you… who support you and those who don’t… can’t we just fight for those people who believe in us… who have kept everything on stake for us… shouldn’t we prove those non-believers wrong…

I had been a patient of depression for around 12 years… and it has been killing at times… But just holding on for little longer… Waiting for everything to be alright… brought me HERE… where I am not very successful…But I am HAPPY… I am happy to be who I am… and thankful for courses through which life has taken me… because it made me… ME… and now when people ask me, how do you manage to stay so happy?? It appears as if no trouble has ever touched you… I just smile…

you’ll fail in exams… you’ll stay unemployed… you’ll have heartbreak… you’ll loose someone whom you loved badly… and you can have many more reasons… but none of them is strong enough for quitting… because story of your life is still untold… there are many interesting twists and turns still waiting for you… you can’t even imagine what can you be tomorrow… someone whom you have always wanted to be or even better… But it can only happen if you wait for the dark night to pass… and light to come… only… if you wait for the SUNRISE…