Just A Thought…..

I am not your fan…. I have never been… I’ll never be…..Fans want you to be perfect, I fell for your imperfections 😉  …….

I don’t want your fake happy smile… keep it for others… I want to wipe your tears…. when you feel lonely…. I am not looking for strength in you… I just want to hug you tight, tell you I believe in you…. when you feel week….

I didn’t fall for you…. for your looks…. your voice…. your talent…..your salary…. I fell because of your innocence…. your sweetness…. your stupidities….. your twinkling eyes when you look at me…. the way you cheerfully listen when I shout at you….the way you never give up when you have to help me out… the way you sounded much more happier than me when I got my new job that also without asking my salary hike…. the way you copy exactly how I talk because you notice me so well….the way we sit together silently glazing stars…. the way you laugh on me and make fun of me…. the way you stop… and tell me that I look beautiful ❤ …….

I don’t love you because you can buy me expensive gifts…. but because you still want to prepare coffee for me…..

I don’t want to know how successful you are….. or how many people appreciate you….I just want to know the real you… whom you have been hiding from the harshness of real world… the vulnerable you…. the delicate you…. I just want to softly keep that you in my heart…. ❤

I don’t love you for your confidence…. your smartness…. your skills… I love you because of your patience…. your cooperation…. and understanding behavior….

I don’t only love you because you are so special… but because you still choose to act so ordinary…. ❤ ❤



In Love With Life

Life is a journey which keeps unfolding every moment. It never lets itself get boring. Though it may get frustrating at times. But its always fresh like fresh air. Unpredictable, it always has something new to show you something new to make you experience. That’s why I always believe, god is the best writer. No one can write more interesting stories than him. And yet so versatile. No one else can create magic of dazzling stars in night or soothing rays of sun rise. He creates every moment so perfectly. Whether it be a moment of pain or comfort. The best part is we get to live his stories and experience every stroke of his colours.
He gives us hopes and he gives us limitations. He strengthens us and he weakens us. Life is a magical journey like one of Sindabad’s. You meet angels and you meet devils. And all are created by the same god because both are needed to create the perfect picture of your life with dark and bright shades. A beautiful picture which depicts your story, your journey, your imprints on this world. Which may inspire someone be a better person, to fight a little harder, to believe a little longer. . . .

Without You

After walking miles in life, i still feel I am standing there where I had to choose a life with you or without you. I had taken the decision. “Without You”. but still I take that everyday, every night, every morning. I know we have walked so far away that even if i call your name now. you wont be able to hear it. you appear to be perfect in your world, without me. But still somewhere in my heart I feel that you are still waiting to hear that call. but I don’t have the strength to voice your name again. our paths have crossed so many times each others, I don’t have the strength to loose you again. If you ever smile towards me again or hold my hand, I will loose all the strength that I have gained living away from you. I don’t want to fall week again.
wish to bid goodbye to all your memories, all dreams that I dream about you. and I take that decision again to live “Without You”.

Post 9

When you are not around me, I don’t know what love is….

My feelings for you define love for me.

When you are not there, I don’t know how will be my Mr. perfect….

When I see you, I realize he will be exactly like you.