Yes, You Are A FIGHTER…..

A fighter is not only the person who stands on war-front and protects our country….. Her/His mother is also a fighter who makes the decision to send her child for the protection of her country in-spite ¬†of not having any assurity that she will ever get to see her child again….

That brother is also a fighter who decided to educate his sister when elders in the family were against it… so that she can be a self-dependent responsible person…

That girl is also a fighter who decided not to get married just because she is old enough and the guy earns well…. because it’s a relationship and not just a deal….

Every that person is a fighter who challenges her/his limitations to serve the purpose he finds more important than anything else…. the purpose which gives meaning to his life….

Every moment you are a fighter when you cross your comfort zone to achieve something you badly want… When you choose the not so obvious path… because that’s where you really want to go…. When you make a sacrifice for someone whom you love deeply because her/his one smile can brighten your million moments….

Every moment you are a fighter when you refuse to give-up…. because that’s what all you want… When you don’t let yourself get distracted from your goal… because that’s the most beautiful thing you have ever imagined… When you break stupid fake rules of society…. because they were hindering your humanity… When you don’t let this ordinary world kill your extraordinary soul….because you don’t want to die before the death bed…

Sometimes being a fighter is not only about proving your physical strength…. so, many times it’s more about emotional and mental strength….

YES…. YOU are a FIGHTER in every moment you fight for Betterment…. Humanity….Love…Peace…. Dreams…Staying Alive… and anything which really means to YOU….