First Love

The first time you blush, you feel shy… Even mention of someone’s name is enough to make you smile and bring a special shine in your eyes… You can walk miles to just get a glance of that someone special….

You can be lazy, you can be coward…. but for that one special person you can fight with all of your limitations. Because nothing can be more important than him/her.

You get jealous, you get possessive but you don’t even have any reason to explain.

Everything appears to be perfect with that someone. You are too innocent to think about bitter truths of life. You are hopeful that it will work out whatever the conditions may be…

You get to know a new side of you which you never knew existed. You can keep anything on stake just for that someone’s one smile.

You act sooo stupid and out of your mind…

Because you are in love ❤ for the first time….