Breakup Poem

Hello… Although it’s a quite old poem but thought of sharing it recently… Hope you’ll like it and enjoy it 🙂

Even though if I waste hours crying,

What’ll I get in return.

Thinking of the same stuffs revisiting the same scenes,

What’ll I get in return??

I can be sad, break down in pieces

Think of the happy moments I have lost

I can consider myself a looser

Or regret to be the person, I hate the most

But the point is, what will I get in return??

Whether I blame you or blame myself,

What went wrong has already went wrong.

Even if I spend many nights crying for it

Or writing some tragic sad song.

The thing is, what will I get in return??


Post 2

I can’t let you go but neither I can hold your hand and ask you to stay….

I have parted my paths from you but still these distances hurt….

We never belonged together but why do you always appear as a lost part of me….

I have complete sparkling world of my own but your one smile makes me forget everything other than you….

I don’t know what’s love. I feel I am sick….

I know you are not the one but still why does it hurt so much to hear someone else’s name from you….

We can never walk together anymore then why does this separation hurt….

Yes it’s not you whom I dream of then why are you the one who is always on my mind….

For getting few moment with whom I reach the verge of loosing myself….