Move On….

Searching for words, but I feel to be mute… I wish I could understand the reason for this silence… May be I am hurt… But being hurt is part of this life… you can’t always win… you have to loose sometimes… your heart break… you feel lonely… looser… but that’s never the complete picture… that’s just a part of it…

People who don’t care for you…. doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life… So you should tell them bye bye with a smile… They have already taken their decisions… It’s your time now… Either you keep weeping that they don’t exist anymore…. Or just smile because they came and there are many more yet to come… may be even better ones… before meeting these people you never knew that someone is going to come in your life and become such integral part of you, then how do you know that no one else is going to come who will be even more closer and dearer to you…

Stop following dead shadows… who have already left… better to be with loving alive people who care for you and make your life beautiful… OK, I agree yesterday was beautiful but don’t let it become the most beautiful moments of your life… your tomorrow is still a blank white canvas, you can paint it more colorful and beautiful…¬†Why to limit your life, put it in the prison of memories…

If they would have cared enough for you, they would have made effort to stay but they didn’t… So, you can’t force them to care for you…. Better to spend your time searching for people who respect your feelings for them and care for you back….

So, time to Move On….



Post 10

“I was so deeply with you that it was killing for me to see someone else at your place….

You were so lightly with me that you didn’t even realize I don’t exist in your life anymore….”