No hatred and no love
all feelings seem to be gone
life has become completely blur
even myself is becoming unknown

Nothing seems to be worth fighting for
i have no reason to hold on
i know it will make me loose everything
but even sense of pain has gone

There is no one whom i miss anymore
no one with whom i want anything to share
it feels that i was born this way only
no dreams, no desire and nothing to care

When i think of the memories of the past
yeah i regret that they are not anymore
but still whenever i pray to god
i don’t know what to ask for

I am sorry to those whom i have let down
i dint expect life to turn out this way
neither i have the confidence to promise anymore
nor there is anything i want to say

Clouds are all around
nothing is clear anymore
i want to escape
but i m unable to find any door

I am lost, i am dead
no feelings are anymore alive
but still some sound echoes somewhere
and it says that “I WILL SURVIVE”


Yes, You Are A FIGHTER…..

A fighter is not only the person who stands on war-front and protects our country….. Her/His mother is also a fighter who makes the decision to send her child for the protection of her country in-spite ¬†of not having any assurity that she will ever get to see her child again….

That brother is also a fighter who decided to educate his sister when elders in the family were against it… so that she can be a self-dependent responsible person…

That girl is also a fighter who decided not to get married just because she is old enough and the guy earns well…. because it’s a relationship and not just a deal….

Every that person is a fighter who challenges her/his limitations to serve the purpose he finds more important than anything else…. the purpose which gives meaning to his life….

Every moment you are a fighter when you cross your comfort zone to achieve something you badly want… When you choose the not so obvious path… because that’s where you really want to go…. When you make a sacrifice for someone whom you love deeply because her/his one smile can brighten your million moments….

Every moment you are a fighter when you refuse to give-up…. because that’s what all you want… When you don’t let yourself get distracted from your goal… because that’s the most beautiful thing you have ever imagined… When you break stupid fake rules of society…. because they were hindering your humanity… When you don’t let this ordinary world kill your extraordinary soul….because you don’t want to die before the death bed…

Sometimes being a fighter is not only about proving your physical strength…. so, many times it’s more about emotional and mental strength….

YES…. YOU are a FIGHTER in every moment you fight for Betterment…. Humanity….Love…Peace…. Dreams…Staying Alive… and anything which really means to YOU….



When you need a hero to save you… to guide you… to make your life beautiful again…

Why don’t you just be it….

When you feel too lonely… Nobody around to love you….

Look in the mirror… Promise to yourself, I’ll always be there with a smile…..with a heart full of faith and endless love….

When you feel dark…. Hopeless about the future….

Search for the fire within you… Be your own lamp…Enlighten your path to where your heart takes you….

When you feel weak….. you are about to shatter into pieces….

Remember how strong you have been so far…. how you have never let anything bring you down…. Be your own savior….

For some moments… stop being just you… look at yourself from someone else’s point of you… someone who loves you… cares for you…. and for whom your happiness is the ultimate purpose…..

Why to look outside for what you need… look inside yourself… may be it’s all hidden there… which you never noticed before…. you are the one who is going to make everything alright…. you are the one who is going to put everything in place….

Because you are……. Your True “HERO”….


The One

You are the one, who will chose

What your life is going to be….

As common as sand

or as rare as diamond


Don’t follow others

Like under magic spell…

Have the courage to say

I’ll make my own way….


Don’t hide between others

Come in spotlight…

Have a strong determination

and a clear future sight….


If you fail don’t feel

that you are low….

You need to be polished

before you start to glow….


Play with your own rules

don’t copy, don’t cheat….

Possibilities are alive,

also after facing defeat….


Your defeat is a victory

for who deserved it more…

Improve your own skills

to increase your score…


If you want to shine like a diamond

you will have to pay the price….

Only existing is not enough

be great and not just nice…..



Post 19

Hopes should be alive till the last breath of a human being because you never know what future has in store for you…. Someone has truly said when everything is gone, future is left…. Have faith in yourself and keep trying till your breath…. Never believe that anything is impossible…. Have a clear concept and completely go for it but always have a second option in life, so that one broken dream will not break your more important dreams which could have come true…. Most important thing is not achievement …. It’s you and your willingness to achieve and your full dedication towards your dream that matters the most….

Post 3

I’m there again to face you….

Show me your power……

defeat me again…..

but I promise you this…….

I’ll be back with more strength and willingness to succeed….

You can’t define me….

I know who I am….

I’ll make my own identity….

I’ll write my own story….

With my dreams and my passion….

With my hopes and dedication….