POST 131


In kadmo ko hai kya pata (information), ki manzilon ka kya pata (address).

Par meri dhadkanein hain janti, ki deewangi ki had h kya.


My steps don’t know what’s the address of my destinations.

But my heartbeat knows what’s the extent of craziness.


I was wondering what’s the most beautiful thing…

Arresting eyes of a pretty girl… Or… Some grand captivating buildings…

Some dazzling expensive ornaments… Or… Any Breathtaking scenic destination…

I finally realized it’s life…

Life in the sapling that struggles with rocks to shout out loud it’s victory.

Life which turns things possible from impossible.

Life in the ant which climbs again after falling every time. Till the time it reaches it’s destination.

Life which challenges itself every time, to recreate itself again and again, every time something better.

Recently I was thinking why to go through all the pain which life gifts you… Isn’t it much easier to quit… What am I getting in return of all of this suffering… Nothing appears to make it worth it… And then I realized I had the most beautiful thing with me all the time… The power… To choose… To fight…To change… The LIFE… 😉