POST 169

Sometimes even when people leave… They stay as their thoughts… How they would have dealt with this situation… What they would have suggested you in this monent… How they would reacted… What they would have loved… What disliked.. How they would have laughed… How asked you cross questions… How they would have hugged you… How they would have assured you that tomorrow will be a better day… Sometimes even when people leave… they still stay…


POST 162

Life is just like another human being, it’s loving, it’s beautiful but might not be as per your standards. Might not be able to satisfy your “should”. Accept her limitations as you do for people you love, celebrate with her when she does something amazing for you. Love her unconditionally and she will love you back equally. 🙂 🙂

Have a happy Life. 🙂

POST 151

I don’t know how to fall in love again… You were much more than what I could have ever asked for… Even perfect was not good enough as you… You made every moment much more than just a time slot… You gave meaning to words… Life to my beating heart…

And now when you are gone… It’s all ordinary… All normal… I am back to the normal world from wonderland… Hope you always get what you wish for…

Breakup Poem

Hello… Although it’s a quite old poem but thought of sharing it recently… Hope you’ll like it and enjoy it 🙂

Even though if I waste hours crying,

What’ll I get in return.

Thinking of the same stuffs revisiting the same scenes,

What’ll I get in return??

I can be sad, break down in pieces

Think of the happy moments I have lost

I can consider myself a looser

Or regret to be the person, I hate the most

But the point is, what will I get in return??

Whether I blame you or blame myself,

What went wrong has already went wrong.

Even if I spend many nights crying for it

Or writing some tragic sad song.

The thing is, what will I get in return??

POST 114

Jab kalam uthaya to teri yaad aayi,

Jab koi geet gungunaya to teri yaad aayi.

Tujhe paane ki umeed to chhor di hai lekin,

Jab dua mein hath uthaya, to fir teri yaad aayi.

(When I picked my pen, I remembered you,

When I hummed a song, I remembered you.

Although I have lost hopes of having you but,

When I lifted my hand to ask for a wish, I again remembered you.)