POST 131


In kadmo ko hai kya pata (information), ki manzilon ka kya pata (address).

Par meri dhadkanein hain janti, ki deewangi ki had h kya.


My steps don’t know what’s the address of my destinations.

But my heartbeat knows what’s the extent of craziness.

POST 114

Jab kalam uthaya to teri yaad aayi,

Jab koi geet gungunaya to teri yaad aayi.

Tujhe paane ki umeed to chhor di hai lekin,

Jab dua mein hath uthaya, to fir teri yaad aayi.

(When I picked my pen, I remembered you,

When I hummed a song, I remembered you.

Although I have lost hopes of having you but,

When I lifted my hand to ask for a wish, I again remembered you.)


Jab ye chehre pe laga mukhauta hatane ka dil kare, tab mujhse milna…
Jab kisi ko apne jakhm dikhane ka dil kare, tab mujhse milna…
Teri mushkan ke to lakhon kayal hain is jahan mein…
Kisi mein chehra chhupa ke ashq bahane ka dil kare,  tab mujhse milna…

Missing You….


When i turn around,
I don’t find you anymore.
I know things have changed,
it’s not as it used to be before….

You were just there
in front of my eyes
how come you vanished
without even bidding goodbyes….

The moments we shared
and the paths we took together
when i looked at your smiling face
i never thought it wont last forever….

I don’t know how to deal with it
even if i call, you are too far to hear
but still i m lucky to have your memories
and i m glad that i met you someday somewhere…..



You say yes or you say no,
say a truth or say a lie,
I just wanna hear you,
wanna be with you till I die…

I wanna walk with you,
no matter how the paths be,
wanna share your tears,
just wanna call you me…

You praise me or criticize me,
think once, who am I????
wanna be on your mind for sometime,
wanna be with you till I die…

Wanna see deep in your eyes,
and know who you truly are,
wanna be lost in your world,
and leave this world very far…

It may be hard or it may be easy,
I may be land and you may be sky,
there is only one wish I ask from god,
wanna be with you till I die….


Is sahi galat ke fere mein….

Kabhi bhid, kabhi akele mein….

Main jane kya takati hu….

Baithe baithe hi bhatakti hu….


Kya chah hai, kya manzil hai meri….

Kuchh pata nahin, uljhan hai badi….

Sab khoi khoi dishayein hain….

Jane kadam kahan le aaye hain….


Sab paa ke bhi garib si hun….

Seedhi sadhi par ajeeb si hun….

Ek kami si dil mein khalti hai…..

Rut badle, jo na badalti hai….


Chalo khojein usko, Par kisko lekin

Yahin prashna hai mujhe ghere rat din….

Main khun pasina baha bhi dun,

Chahe apni hasti mita bhi dun…..

Par akhir kahan sukun din-rain milega….

Jane kya pake is dil ko ab chain milega….