Post 179

Writing after a long time. Clueless what to write but still want to put down something. Lots has changed over the time. My dreams have come true, my prayers have been answered. But now there are new challenges, new worries and new dreams. I have learnt some things in this journey so far but there is a lot more to learn, to do, to explore…

But the main question here is… why did I choose to come here and start writing again ??

Because this blog doesn’t only connect me to you but also me to myself. Sharing whatever thoughts are racing in my head and getting to know what you think about them, brings me to different perspectives. Helps to look at my own thoughts in a different way. 

As I decide to get back to blogging with my reason. Will love to know what motivates you to be here? To write and share with us? 



When you need a hero to save you… to guide you… to make your life beautiful again…

Why don’t you just be it….

When you feel too lonely… Nobody around to love you….

Look in the mirror… Promise to yourself, I’ll always be there with a smile…..with a heart full of faith and endless love….

When you feel dark…. Hopeless about the future….

Search for the fire within you… Be your own lamp…Enlighten your path to where your heart takes you….

When you feel weak….. you are about to shatter into pieces….

Remember how strong you have been so far…. how you have never let anything bring you down…. Be your own savior….

For some moments… stop being just you… look at yourself from someone else’s point of you… someone who loves you… cares for you…. and for whom your happiness is the ultimate purpose…..

Why to look outside for what you need… look inside yourself… may be it’s all hidden there… which you never noticed before…. you are the one who is going to make everything alright…. you are the one who is going to put everything in place….

Because you are……. Your True “HERO”….


She Loves You….

As valentine’s day is approaching and everyone is busy making their plans… It reminds me of a friend who is all against relationships…
He was like…  You need to reply to each and every message of your girlfriend… Else she is going to kill you… She will get sentimental…  Start crying over small things…  Shout on you if you forget to call her one day…


Isn’t it amazing that someone doesn’t find her day complete without listening to your voice…  Someone loves to share each and every thought of hers with you…  Someone who trusts you,  when your trust over yourself starts shaking… Someone who hugs you tight when you are about to fall into pieces…  Someone who corrects your every fault because you are her hero and she wants you to be the best…  Someone who knows what you need even before you yourself realise it…  Someone who is always there to take care of you when you are busy caring about so many other stuffs…



It’s all about finding the right person who gives you enough reasons to tolerate all the pains and tortures of a relationship… Who looks deep into your eyes and says….  LOVE YOU…. ALWAYS….


Purpose For Life

I know two different me….

One who wakes up and gets out of her bed running to start working on whatever is on her head. Excited about the work she has in her hand…. who gets happy when she crosses small small hurdles…. stays patient when she is unable to cross a hurdle…. tries again and again with her full enthusiasm and happiness…. feels inner satisfaction after finishing her work….

The other one, who when wakes up feels lazy about getting up… who is lost in different kind of thoughts…. what if this happens…. what if that happens…. gets up slowly… starts her work half heatedly… still lost in thousand of thoughts, she has nothing to do with…. her achievements doesn’t makes much sense for her…. gives up easily when she gets stuck somewhere…. when a work is done, she just feels relieved that finally it’s over…. she keeps finishing tasks over tasks but it never gives her any inner satisfaction… feeling of fulfillment…

The only difference is the work in my hand…. the purpose for which I am running…. how much I enjoy it…. how much I feel related to it…. how much I am into it….

In this world, everyone is running in some or other race…. but does everyone know where they are heading to…. and do they really want to be there…. they are just running because they are scared that they will be left behind if they don’t start running as soon as possible…. shouldn’t we stop for a while, take a deep breath and choose our path depending upon where do we really want to reach…. may be we miss our destination running on someone else’s path and then we realize that we wasted the entire time….

I am not you…you are not me… neither our wishes…. our dreams are same….then how can our destination?? our paths?? our purpose for life…. it’s all about how well we have chosen our purpose for life… have u chosen your PURPOSE wisely????




Sitting in the balcony with my coffee mug and staring at the stars… thinking of you…. thinking of me… and why things are as they are… Why am I here out of all the places in this world… thinking of you out of all the people I have ever met…. thinking of destinies… our stories… how people meet and become part of each other’s stories… how when I look back at past, I feel this moment must have appeared so damn impossible at that point…

This life runs so fast… before we could realize what’s actually happening, everything has already happened… before we could understand how forces of nature work in writing our story, we always have a new twist, a new turn, a new surprise….

Sometimes I feel it’s not part of work to think that how things are going to be in the future… because my story has a course of its own… it has to go on it’s own way… I am a mere actor… script is already written… even if I do my best preparation… life will give me something I wont even have thought of…

But still I can’t lay back and just enjoy the scenes… I worry for future… I plan for it… because I am unable to accept that I am not the writer of my story… that I am powerless… I am just a puppet… I try my best to prove that… no, I am the master… things will happen as I choose…

Or may be it’s just a balance between life an me… Life gives me challenges and I face it in my own style… life gives me rocky surfaces to walk on and I dance on my own tune with my own crazy steps… it’s just like a game… life’s turn and then my turn… sometimes life gets hell and sometimes it gets super amazing… but at the end , it’s my best PARTNER…

So, THOUGHTS…. so random… so vague… takes you from where to where… and still I am sitting in my balcony with my coffee mug staring at the stars…..


For The Love Of Love… <3 <3


….. A POWER which makes you stronger than what you can ever imagine of yourself….

….. A DRUG which can weaken you, bring you on your knees, make you beg, surrender beyond your imagination….

….. A BLESSING which can brighten your life, lighten the hidden dark corners….

….. A CURSE which can make you lonely in the crowd, steal you from yourself….

….. A REWARD which makes you feel complete as if all of your wishes have been fulfilled….

….. A PUNISHMENT which makes everything appears incomplete, feeling of hollowness scares your soul….

….. Makes you feel ALIVE, makes you feel beating of your heart, rhythm of your breath….

….. KILLS you, rips your heart into pieces….

….. A GOOD INFLUENCE, makes you sacrifice, think of your love before yourself….

….. A BAD INFLUENCE, makes you jealous, possessive, burns you into fire of selfish desires….

….. BEAUTIFIES your world, makes you enter a wonderland full of colors and brightness….

….. RUINS your world, everything looses it’s charm, it’s beauty, nothing is left good enough….

….. LOVE is Power, Drug, Blessing, Curse, Reward, Punishment, what makes feel Alive, Killer, Good Influence, Bad Influence, what beautifies, what ruins….

….. LOVE is a FEELING which makes you realize, you are just another perfectly imperfect HUMAN BEING….

…… That was all for the LOVE of LOVE. ❤ ❤


The One

You are the one, who will chose

What your life is going to be….

As common as sand

or as rare as diamond


Don’t follow others

Like under magic spell…

Have the courage to say

I’ll make my own way….


Don’t hide between others

Come in spotlight…

Have a strong determination

and a clear future sight….


If you fail don’t feel

that you are low….

You need to be polished

before you start to glow….


Play with your own rules

don’t copy, don’t cheat….

Possibilities are alive,

also after facing defeat….


Your defeat is a victory

for who deserved it more…

Improve your own skills

to increase your score…


If you want to shine like a diamond

you will have to pay the price….

Only existing is not enough

be great and not just nice…..



Without You

After walking miles in life, i still feel I am standing there where I had to choose a life with you or without you. I had taken the decision. “Without You”. but still I take that everyday, every night, every morning. I know we have walked so far away that even if i call your name now. you wont be able to hear it. you appear to be perfect in your world, without me. But still somewhere in my heart I feel that you are still waiting to hear that call. but I don’t have the strength to voice your name again. our paths have crossed so many times each others, I don’t have the strength to loose you again. If you ever smile towards me again or hold my hand, I will loose all the strength that I have gained living away from you. I don’t want to fall week again.
wish to bid goodbye to all your memories, all dreams that I dream about you. and I take that decision again to live “Without You”.

Post 9

When you are not around me, I don’t know what love is….

My feelings for you define love for me.

When you are not there, I don’t know how will be my Mr. perfect….

When I see you, I realize he will be exactly like you.