3rd Dec.’22

It’s been so long that I didn’t write and there is so much I have to share. So much to talk about.

So, before starting. Let me briefly introduce myself. I am someone who love challenge, believe in taking risks. But I don’t make any plan or strategy when I take up those challenges. I get into them and then figure out, how can I get it done. Sometimes, things go smooth. Sometimes not. Sometimes they seem like cakewalk. Sometimes they shake my belief in myself.

Does it happen to you too?? How do you deal with it??

So recently I read “The gifts of imperfection” by Brene Brown. I had watched her Ted Talk long back and it was quite inspiring. So, one important concept which this book mentions is “shame and guilt”. It’s like “being wrong and doing wrong”. Doing wrong or committing mistakes is part of our daily life but that doesn’t make us wrong. We do fail at times but that doesn’t make us failure.

Life is just a journey, full of events. Failure and success will be a part of it but we are much more important than these events. Negative vents are like clouds, they may hide our light for sometime but they can’t steal our light. It’s always there like the bright sun.

This was all for this week. Let me know what keeps you motivated to keep taking challenges.


Post 179

Writing after a long time. Clueless what to write but still want to put down something. Lots has changed over the time. My dreams have come true, my prayers have been answered. But now there are new challenges, new worries and new dreams. I have learnt some things in this journey so far but there is a lot more to learn, to do, to explore…

But the main question here is… why did I choose to come here and start writing again ??

Because this blog doesn’t only connect me to you but also me to myself. Sharing whatever thoughts are racing in my head and getting to know what you think about them, brings me to different perspectives. Helps to look at my own thoughts in a different way. 

As I decide to get back to blogging with my reason. Will love to know what motivates you to be here? To write and share with us?