Without You

After walking miles in life, i still feel I am standing there where I had to choose a life with you or without you. I had taken the decision. “Without You”. but still I take that everyday, every night, every morning. I know we have walked so far away that even if i call your name now. you wont be able to hear it. you appear to be perfect in your world, without me. But still somewhere in my heart I feel that you are still waiting to hear that call. but I don’t have the strength to voice your name again. our paths have crossed so many times each others, I don’t have the strength to loose you again. If you ever smile towards me again or hold my hand, I will loose all the strength that I have gained living away from you. I don’t want to fall week again.
wish to bid goodbye to all your memories, all dreams that I dream about you. and I take that decision again to live “Without You”.


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